Live Updates From URL's "A Perfect Day To Die" (Part 1)

Live play-by-play from URL's event featuring Uno Lavoz vs. Cortez, Chilla Jones vs. Th3 Saga and DNA vs. Brizz Rawsteen.

The final major event of the year is upon us, in the form of URL's "A Perfect Day To Die" card going down today (Dec. 12) in New York City. We'll be in the building doing live updates and interviews, and will be collecting the best commentary and clips here once the event starts. If you need to know what's happening RIGHT NOW go check our Twitter and Instagram.

Uno Lavoz vs. Cortez

Starting the day off with a match set up on one-week prep. Lavoz said he would retire if he lost 3-0.

Chilla Jones vs. Th3 Saga

The next rookie in line to face Chilla after Prep-gate 2015.

Swave Sevah's Recap:

Brizz Rawsteen vs. DNA

The third battle of the night was between URL veteran DNA, against Brizz, making his third main stage appearance for the league in 2015.

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