KOTD's "Blackout 6" Announcements

Who's confirmed for King Of The Dot's mystery event?

KOTD has started rolling out the announcements for its next major event, going down Feb. 19-20 in Toronto. As has become tradition for the Blackout series, the league will announce the individual emcees who are participating at the event, but not their opponents. Making individual articles for all 30+ of last year's Blackout announcements got a bit out of hand, so this year we'll be collecting them all in one place.

Here's what has been confirmed for the card so far:

1. Title Match — Illmaculate vs. Rone

2. Pass

3. Iron Solomon

4. Knamelis

5. Caustic

6. Bishop Brigante

7. Serius Jones

8. Head I.C.E

9. Carter Deems

10. Jay Rell

11. Big T

12. Gjonaj

13. Dizaster

14. Skelly

15. Arsonal

16. T-Rex

17. Charron

18. The Saurus

19. Lexx Luthor

20. Psycoses

21. Cortez

22. Chedda Cheese

23. Shotti P

24. Quill

25. Born

26. J-Pro

27. Daylyt

28. Pat Stay

29. Realiztic

30. Iron Solomon vs. Dizaster

Organik posted on Facebook the emcees he'd approached but who ultimately turned down the event:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.20.27 PM
Come back to this article for further announcements, and don't miss our preview of Illmaculate vs. Rone or our match-up ideas for the event.

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