Music Of The Month: Goodz, DNA, Loaded Lux

Your monthly mixtape from the battle rap community.

Every month we compile a list of the best singles, videos and albums to come out of the battle rap community. This edition features some dope solo tracks from Loaded Lux, a new mixtape from Goodz, another Cruger-edited video from Tony Madness and Frank Stacks, and even a song where noted hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco teams up with Math Hoffa, Soul Khan and Loaded Lux to deliver some “Punchlines.”

Lupe Fiasco Feat. Loaded Lux, Math Hoffa & Soul Khan – “Punchlines”

Lupe Fiasco enlisted some help from battle rap’s top tier (both current and retired) to bring a variety of flows and punchlines to the simple-yet-head-nod-inducing beat. The artists take it upon themselves to spit loads of content on this track has no hook in what is clearly a lyrical exhibition for these four emcees.

Goodz – Thanks 4 Ya Patience Mixtape

Check out the first singles for Goodz's new mixtape, the first of which features Charlie Clips in a NYC-to-the-core video and sound. This is another track with no hook that allows Clips and Goodz to simply show out with their raps.

Tony Madness & Frank Stacks – “90’s Hip Hop Tribute (How We Grew Up)"

This video is truly a blast from the past as emcees Tony Madness and Frank Stacks take listeners and viewers on a journey through 90s hip hop (the follow-up to last year's nod to the 80s). The video — again edited by Don't Flop's Cruger — is a well-produced montage of 90s music videos from the artists mentioned in the lyrics. The old-school beat and relatively laid-back lyrics add to the total package too.

Loaded Lux – “Talk Dirty” // “My Whole Life” // “Prototype”

Loaded Lux is all over this month’s music list, an impressive feat considering he was all over last month’s edition as well. These three songs are decidedly different yet all give off the Lux vibe that only he seems able to capture.

“Talk Dirty” is a lyrical display for the Harlem emcee who flexes his word-play ability, “My Whole Life" is much more retrospective, and in “Prototype” Lux shows what he can add to another artist’s track with his trademark style.

DNA & K Shine – Sway’s Doomsday Cypher

In the words of K-Shine’s cypher verse, “We are here/(hair) together like a unibrow.” By we, Shine is of course referring to himself and DNA, the NWX members who have been battling in 2-on-2 competitions all over recently. Both emcees got a chance to be in a live cypher for Sway and neither disappointed. DNA flowed slightly slower than what battle rap fans are now accustomed to, but his bars are non-stop while K-Shine brings a typically energetic and fulfilling performance to the cypher.

More Notable Releases

QOTR Cypher feat. MyVerse, Jaz The Rapper, E Hart, Star Smilez — "Fire Friday Cypher"

KXVU (formerly SleepyGee) — "Jaqqum"

Raptor Warhurst — Dialect Diss

Hollow Da Don — Freestyle

The Barchitects feat. Swave Sevah — "What We Do"

Daylyt feat. GOAT — "Stacy Dash"

Daylyt feat. The Internet — "Pirascope"

Brizz Rawsteen — "Foam Freestyle"

Coma — "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Ms. Hustle feat. Rova — "Bonnie X Clyde"

JeFFrey, E. Farrell and Jordan Meyer — "Worse Now"

Funzo & Leanne — "Diztract's Back"

Bill Collector — "77 Duffel Bags"

KOTD Cypher Series Vol. 1

Automatic Ray — Don't (Raymix)"

Michael White — The Best Rappers Never Make It

Mr. Tongue Twister — Don't Flop Diss

Frankie Phraser, Danny Jaqq, Ill Sykes — "The Untouchables"

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