Psycoses & Gjonaj Recap Their $2,000 Battle

Psycoses speaks with U.K. emcee Quill, who judged the KOTD "Blackout 6" battle in Gjonaj's favor.

Anticipation was high for the clash between Psycoses and Gjonaj, even though the match-up wasn't officially confirmed until the two took the stage at KOTD's "Blackout 6." Both emcees had been trading shots online ahead of the event, and had even agreed to put up money and have the battle judged. and HeavyBagTV caught up with Psycoses and Gjonaj respectively to recap the battle in Toronto on Feb. 20. Gjonaj took the win on a 3-2 judges' decision that showed how competitive the battle was.

"Originally, it was supposed to be $10,000 but 'Ganik hit me up one day and he's like yo I don't want you putting up ten grand and I'm like, fuck alright cause I already started raising it," said Psycoses to U.K. emcee Quill (who judged the battle) in regards to the bet.

Speaking on how no one could tell who was winning during the battle, Psycoses noted, "This is one of the first times I was turning around to Caustic and J-Pro and I was like, yo who do you think got it ... cause I don't fucking know."

Gjonaj, in a separate video, seemed to feel the same as Psycoses about the battle, stating, "I don't think anybody was disappointed. It was just one of those battles where you're finally not disappointed."

Addressing the money issue as well, Gjonaj explains why he wanted to bet money in the first place. "At the end of the day people love seeing people lose money. It's just human nature, I don't know what the fuck it is but that's pretty much why I chose to do it period. I think it ended up being a good idea ... It ended up being a great battle."

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