Chris Unbias Names His Top 10 First Rounds

Another Top 10 rounds list, another Hitman battle at #1.

Perhaps the most important round in terms of setting a tone, many of battle rap’s best rounds have been first rounds. Chris from Unbias Review, who had previously named his Top 10 third rounds of all time, in this video, he lists his Top 10 first rounds in battle history.

Honorable mentions

Aye Verb vs. Hollow da Don
T-Rex vs. Arsonal
Calicoe vs. T-Rex

Chris also mentioned that JC and Chilla’s firsts and Rum Nitty and Ave’s firsts are reasonable inclusions.

Top 10

10. O'fficial vs. Jaz The Rapper
9. Tech 9 vs. Midwest Miles
8. Pat Stay vs. Marv Won
7. Tsu Surf vs. X-Factor
6. K-Shine vs. Tsu Surf
5. Murda Mook vs. Serius Jones
4. Conceited vs. Arsonal
3. Dizaster vs. DNA
2. Aye Verb vs. Cortez
1. Hitman Holla vs. John John Da Don

In addition to a few memorable lines, Chris mentioned how Hitman's crowd control was top notch, the remix (while the content was impossible) was fire and his delivery couldn't be touched. Hitman is known for having very strong first rounds, and this is a pick that many will agree with.

What are your favorite first rounds of all time? Let us know in the comments below.