U Dubb Announces Full Line-Up For "Every Bar Counts"

The October 23 event features Arsonal vs. Tay Roc, Tsu Surf vs. Shotgun Suge and more.

U Dubb's "Every Bar Counts" is going down today (October 23) in Elizabeth, New Jersey with some huge main events.

First of all, check out the trailer and the card.

Here's the full card:

  • Arsonal vs. Tay Roc
  • Tsu Surf vs. Shotgun Suge
  • Jai 400 Block vs. K-Shine
  • Daylyt vs. O Solo
  • DNA vs. Rad B
  • Spee Dolla vs. Uno Lavoz
  • Twayne vs. Nasty Nas

Arsonal had been teasing his battle with Tay Roc weeks before it was announced, and the two only increased their online trash talk ahead of Sunday's battle. We can expect an incredibly aggressive clash, as both guys are known for their in your face style. Also both are undeniably top tier, highly respected emcees, so this has all the makings of a potentially very strong battle.

The announcement video is below:

The other main event on the card has generated a ton of buzz too, with Tsu Surf and Shotgun Suge facing off after taking jabs at each other in battles for at least a year. This battle generated a lot of interest since it was long speculated that the two Newark, New Jersey-based emcees would never battle each other. Now the biggest question ahead of the battle is whether Suge will pull out his signature pocket tap move and how Surf will respond if he does.

Elsewhere on the card Daylyt takes on O Solo, DNA faces U Dubb up-and-comer Rad B, K Shine will do battle with Jai 400 Block, Spee Dolla will go head to head with Uno Lavoz and the misleadingly named Nasty Nas clashes with Twayne.

Get tickets here and the on-demand video here.

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