The Statistics Behind The "Blackout 5" Card

A breakdown of who's already battled, how popular those battles were and how much experience each emcee has.

Once KOTD announced all 32 of the emcees for this weekend's "Blackout 5" mystery card, they set off a flurry of speculation over who would be battling who(m). But without an encyclopaedic knowledge of battle rap history, it's tough to know which emcees have already faced off.

So presents to you a series of interactive graphs to help you get familiar. One note: this content is best viewed on a computer rather than a mobile device.

All of the numbers quoted below come from Versetracker. They were pulled in January, so they'll be slightly out of date.

Who's Already Battled?

For the first diagram, mouse over the outer layer near any emcee's name to isolate which other emcees on the card they've previously faced. The number next to each name shows their average YouTube views per battle.

The match-ups highlighted are only the formal one-on-one battles from the modern era, so for example, Rone and Charron aren't paired up, even though they did meet in a freestyle tournament at "World Domination 2." Some battlers (like Madchild and Bishop Brigante) haven't faced anyone else on the card so their names are absent.

Now, looking at the match-ups above, you might be asking yourself when Marv Won battled Head I.C.E or where 24/7 went up against Soul.

That's what the next chart is for. Mouse over any of the bars to see how many views the battle got and click them for a link directly to the footage. Again, the numbers are bit stale since Arsonal vs. Shotty Horroh has now surpassed six million views.

Who's Most Experienced & Who Averages The Most Views?

This next infographic shows three things:

1. The total number of battles the combined roster has been in, as shown by the number in the center. As above, it's slightly higher now.

2. Experience, as shown by the colored segment. Mouse over any section to see how many battles each emcee has previously been in.

3. Average views per battle, as shown by the width of the segment.

These numbers reflect every on-camera battle each emcee has participated in, including the low-view early days of Jumpoff and the WRCs. This explains why Illmaculate, who has notched up 93 battles during his more than 10-year career, has such a low average view count. Madchild only has one battle on his resume, which means his view average is much higher.

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Make sense? What other kind of graphics would you like to see in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.