Organik Previews "Blackout 5" At KOTD Hat Launch speaks with the KOTD host ahead of this weekend's event.

King Of The Dot launched a new partnership with mega hat manufacturer New Era in Toronto on Thursday (Feb. 5), marking the official launch of the "Blackout 5" weekend. The event drew a healthy crowd of fans, KOTD staff and battlers, including Shotty Horroh. was there and spoke to Organik about his thoughts going into the event.

The hats were part of a limited run of 144 fitted and 72 snapbacks, most of which are either sold out of reserved for battlers. If you act fast you might be able to still get one though. Call the New Era Toronto store at (416) 597-2277 to find out.

Here are some more shots from the launch:


Shotty Horroh. Shotty Horroh.

Kyle "Avocado" Gray. KOTD cameraman/editor. Kyle "Avocado" Gray. KOTD cameraman/editor.

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