Pat Stay & Charron Speak On "Blackout 5" Title Match

The champ and the #1 contender sound off in interviews with Rone for

With the headline battle between Pat Stay and Charron set for today's Day 2 of "Blackout 5," caught up with both contenders following an already infamous press conference on Friday night (Feb. 6).

Speaking with Rone, Pat Stay called out Charron for overplaying his underdog card while Charron shrugged off the accusation and flipped the tables by calling Stay one of the biggest "crowd whores" around.

Pat Stay On Charron: "He's Playing The Underdog"

When asked about how long he's been preparing for the battle against Charron, Pat Stay said, "Just over a month and a half."

Speaking about the press conference and Charron's approach, Stay added that his opponent is assuming a role he's played up in plenty of previous battles.

"I seen what he was doing," Stay said. "He plays strategic. He's playing the underdog: 'Yeah, you know, I'm just really grateful to be here. Pat's a champion. I just wanna give it all I got and if I lose, at least I gave it my best and I love my mom.' That's what he does every battle.

"If he's battling someone who's an underdog to him, he's the rip-you-up fucking murderer," Pat Stay said. "But then when he battled Shotgun Suge he's like, 'Oh yeah, what do you know about being a little nerdy White guy and your dick is too small? What do you know about getting pushed in the hall?' You're such a fucking whore man!"

Charron: "Pat Stay Is My Best Opponent"

After calling out Pat Stay for years, Charron says there's more pressure on his performance than on the KOTD champ's.

"I've worked for this really hard, for the chain," he said. "Pat Stay is my best opponent I've ever faced. Yeah, I'm pumped for it. I feel like I almost have more pressure than Pat because I've been calling him out throughout the years. He's kind of just been like, 'You're not ready.' I got more on the line than Pat because I've been calling him out."

As for whether or not he's been playing the underdog card that Pat Stay claims he has, Charron disagreed outright.

"Not at all bro," he said. "I been saying I'll put up money. I'll do this. I'm not even claiming to be the underdog I'm just saying Pat Stay's on a higher pedestal."

Charron also accused Pat Stay of his own "crowd whore" tactics while maintaining that his own merit in his actual bars.

"He's a funny dude but he wins off crowd reaction where I win off of actually having battle bars."

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