Organik Recaps "Blackout 5"

"We're preserving the culture," Organik says in an exclusive interview with

With early recaps of the two-day event positioning "Blackout 5" not only as the high point in the event series but also as one of battle rap's best events ever, one of the main characters behind the making of "Blackout 5" chopped it up with to explain how it all went down.

At the end of the final night, Organik told us about his nerves leading up to the 34-battler event and broke down how KOTD pulled off the nearly seamless weekend.

He also addressed the possibility of event sponsor Drake stepping into the ring against Murda Mook, both of whom were in the building all weekend.

"Who knows?" Organik said, grinning.

"We've been working on this event for six months," he said. "I was even saying last week, 'What the fuck are we gonna do next week?' Like, when this is over I'm either gonna be on Cloud 9 or hating life, because battle events are so sketchy these days. You don't really know how they're gonna go."

With 31 of the planned 32 battlers arriving at the event (as well as two more who were secret additions to the card), Organik also nodded to Rich Dolarz, the one absent performer, and alluded that even he remained professional despite the no-show.

"I hope people don't go after Rich Dolarz, he let me know the second he couldn't [cross the border]," Organik said. "He actually had his boy hit me up because he wasn't able to contact me. That's on him to speak on what happened to him, I'm not here to leak anyone's personal business."

Organik also commended The Saurus for making up the battle before running down a handful of his favorite BO5 moments.

"I thought Serius Jones and Head I.C.E was crazy," he said. "I thought Conceited and Dumbfoundead was crazy. Pat Stay and Charron, crazy. 24/7 and Eurgh, Kid Twist versus Shuffle-T. Daylyt, Madchild. Rone, Big T. Hollohan and Rex. Bishop and Arsonal, Bishop killed it. Everyone killed it. That's what you need for an event like this."

As for the much-buzzed about Drake appearance and KOTD ambassadorship through the weekend, Organik explained how the A-list rapper's presence was never meant to pander to a mainstream hip hop audience.

"We could have went one way with Drake or the way we went," he started. "We chose the way we went because we're preserving the culture. There's a reason why battle rap is popping, it's because the way it's ran and it's the way it's going right now. For other people to step in and start pushing the direction another way isn't really helping anybody. Drake just really wanted to help us push it further the way that we do. He wasn't trying to step in and do that. It's not to bring it mainstream, it's just to provide the best events and continue to do what we do and build our own little niche market and run with that. We're not really looking to tap into the mainstream audience that hip hop has in general."

Look out for plenty more exclusive coverage in the coming days and check out our previous stories to catch up on what you missed in Toronto this past weekend.

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