Daylyt Promises A Battle With Eminem In 2015

“I speak things into existence and they happen. I will battle Eminem," says Daylyt.

Although King Of The Dot’s “Blackout 5” event this past weekend was filled with hype regarding the title match between Pat Stay and Charron, Daylyt’s surprise battle against Canadian rapper Madchild, which took place just before, was largely touted as one of the best of the entire weekend. caught up with Daylyt following the battle to get his reactions to the performance, to hear his future plans and to get an update on what battles he has lined up over the next 12 months, including a tentative match-up against one of hip hop’s top emcees.

“I didn’t plan it for Madchild but I planned it for early 2015,” Daylyt says of the timing of his impressive performance. “It didn’t matter who, it was just early 2015. I’ve been holding back until 2015. I’ve got a blog online called ‘Daylyt you are elephant.’ This blog was [done] two years ago and I explained to everybody exactly what I’m gonna do and in two years in 2015, everybody must go. 2015, it’s started.

“There’s probably about two more years before I’m done,” Daylyt adds regarding his future. “This year is my killing spree. I get all the big battles this year. Big names. I got [Loaded] Lux coming up. I got Bizzy Bone coming up. Two [other] things: they might be locking in me and DMX or me and Lupe Fiasco, that is a 100 percent sure thing. Either one of those two. [Regarding Kendrick Lamar] I hit TDE management and they’re not pushing for battle rap right now for no price. At the end of this year, I’m saying this now, I will battle Eminem. I speak things into existence and they happen. I will battle Eminem.”

Later in the conversation, Daylyt reiterated one of his lines used in the battle that spawned an explosive reaction from the crowd in attendance. The Watts, Calif. rapper called the line “no debating one of the hardest hitting bars in battle rap.” Check out the footage above to hear what he spat.

Following the battle, Daylyt took to Twitter to speak on his battle and the “Blackout 5” event as a whole.

Daylyt also posted a video blog to his YouTube account following his battle recapping the entire BO5 event.

The battle was greeted with wide acclaim from the world of social media with a string of tweets surging in to praise the match-up. Check out the Internet’s thoughts below:

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