What If Hollohan Were On Stage For Charron vs. Pat Stay?

Jon Rines speculates on what would've happened if Charron's third round had gone according to plan at "Blackout 5."

I finally watched Interstellar. Not Nolan's best work, but still an awesome film that has you questioning relativity and time long after the final reel. One of the things that baffled me was the ending. [SPOILER] Matthew McConaughey became stuck in a tesseract, which allowed time to continue forever with everything happening at the same time.[END SPOILER]

True to my battle rap obsession, I immediately began to think what would happen if we were able to prevent the leak of Charron's third round tactic to Pat Stay. What would have truly happened?

Some history of the event for those who live under a rock and didn't see or hear about the championship match at "Blackout 5." Charron planned to have Hollohan stand behind Pat Stay for most of the battle. The two have known each other for a long time, so it would be natural for Hollohan to back Pat. Then, in the third round, Charron would call Pat a snitch, and Hollohan would confirm it by switching over to his side and shouting "You fucked up the loyalty!" — a reference to Pat/Hollohan's classic 2010 battle. It likely would have been a historical moment for King Of The Dot.

Minutes before the match began, Pat Stay told Charron that if he brought Hollohan on stage to do this, a fight would break out. Organik, still fresh from the previous night's brawl during Hitman Holla vs. Shotty Horroh and prepping for a potential battle between Drake and Murda Mook that at one point was on the verge of happening, prevented Hollohan from taking the stage.

My initial thought was that Organik did the right thing. I mean, look at all the hard work, the planning, Drake's involvement and the fact that he skipped the Grammys to be there. How could Organik take such a huge risk for one battle? If things went sour, would most fans blame Charron for even attempting such a stunt?

But would Charron have been the cause of such mayhem? Let's really look at this. This year alone, Arsonal said every disrespectful thing he could muster about Mister F.A.B.'s entire family. This is a sport of disrespect. I mean, how could Jonny Storm have the heart to sit through Uno Lavoz talking about his wife, but Pat Stay, the largest guy in battle rap, couldn't accept his friend walking across a stage?

Ask yourself what is worse: Is it Hollohan walking across a stage in an effort to show Pat Stay is a snitch or Pat Stay's first round against Marv Won where he talks about his mentally challenged brother?

And I quote: "His pops didn't leave when he was 16 / That ain't funny at all is it? / And he does have a brother that's autistic / I hope that fucking retard gets it! / I roll up on him like what's up with the gang signs, what crew is you with? / Grab his little mental face and smack the fucking drool off his lip!"

Hollohan said he was only trying to set up a rematch with Pat Stay. If so, will Hollohan get beaten up if he calls Pat Stay a snitch in one of his rounds? If not, what's the difference of him saying it in a battle and him walking across a stage to signify that it's true?

A source told me Pat Stay had more to his third round but didn't spit it because he felt bad Charron couldn't finish his own. I also heard what Pat had was extremely disrespectful. Well Pat, you didn't do us any favors. You prevented us from seeing King Of The Dot have perhaps the most legendary battle of all time. You robbed the fans of this all because you couldn't stomach a guy walking across a stage to make you look bad — the whole point of a battle in the first place.

Organik didn't do the right thing. He should have allowed Charron to do what is legal in battle rap. He should have told Pat Stay and friends to NOT do what is ILLEGAL in battle rap (per contract obligations), which is fight and mess up an event.

All the hard work KOTD has done to build Pat Stay's name to what it is now should have meant something to Pat and he should respect the league enough to not fight. Yes, he took the chain from Arcane and prevented it from "turning to plastic." Yes, he's defended the KOTD title three times, a record in the league. Yes, he's the best to ever do it from Canada. So then why not start acting like a champion rather than threatening violence if he doesn't get his way?

I believe the decision was made because it's easier to stop Charron, a friendly push-over, than to stop Pat Stay from doing something we all know is wrong. Charron had every right to do that "stunt."

As far as the topic of this article though, it depends on what Pat knew. If Pat had no idea Hollohan was going to switch sides and it happened I don't think anything would have happened outside of some crowd pandemonium. I think Pat would have smiled and looked crazy then rebuttaled it.

If Pat knew Hollohan was switching sides and told KOTD staff and Charron something bad would happen, then I think a fight would have broken out due to pride. The same pride that allows him to insult someone's mentally challenged brother, but that can't handle his friend walking across a stage. It's the same pride that would have compelled him to act on the THREAT he made to men who helped build the name Pat Stay.

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