What To Expect From KOTD's "World Domination 6"

Our preview of KOTD's international weekend of battles.

Sad that the Olympics are over? King Of The Dot has you covered. KOTD's "World Domination 6" continues the league's legacy of putting country against country to battle it out for battle rap supremacy in what they dub "The Olympics Of Battle Rap."

Admittedly, this year's World Domination is slightly less international than previous iterations of it were, but to be honest, the league has likely outgrown the theme. What we have is a very strong card, with many fan favorites, and some more people building their name, hoping to elevate themselves into the top tier of KOTD.

The full card is:

Day 1

  • Iron Solomon vs. Charlie Clips
  • Arsonal vs. Cortez
  • Charron vs. Bonnie Godiva
  • 100 Bulletz vs. Real Deal
  • PNut vs. Shotti P
  • Illipsis vs. Quill
  • Realiztic vs. Dunn D

Day 2

  • Rone vs. Caustic
  • Pat Stay vs. Serius Jones
  • Head I.C.E vs. Big T
  • The Saurus vs. Tumi
  • Arcane vs. Chilla Jones
  • Sketch Menace vs. Unanymous
  • Aftershock vs. Madflex

In addition to the two main days of KOTD battles, as always there will be a Day 3 card, featuring Ground Zero battles. The Day 3 card is:

  • Krome vs. JeFFrey
  • Franchise vs. A Ward
  • Step Easy vs. Frak
  • Tez vs. Dunsh
  • Lil G vs. Kaveman Brown
  • Alias The @ikt vs. Micky Worthless

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Here's the trailer for the whole event:

The main event of Day 2 features a rematch between Rone and Caustic, but this time, the KOTD chain is on the line. Since Rone won the title at "Blackout 6," he has been fairly quiet. Some fans have begun to bemoan Rone's lack of visibility as the KOTD champion, especially after it seemed as though it was something he was very interested in. Caustic, on the other hand, never really suffers from lack of visibility. With his podcasting, appearing at events, battling, and stand-up comedy, he's always doing some things to stay in the public consciousness. With that in mind, if one wants the KOTD champion to be a constant presence in and around the battle scene, they could be cheering for Caustic to take the chain.

All of these considerations are superfluous though when compared to the actual battle. On paper there are certainly things they both do well (both are generally funny, charismatic guys) but this is ultimately a clash of styles. Rone is a very talented rapper, who switches flows and cadences often in his battles, and is one of the better emcees who uses angles to break down his opponent.

Caustic is a king of using angles, but where Rone uses it to make the crowd laugh or cheer, Caustic does it to utterly destroy his opponent's life. One thing to watch for is that Caustic is notorious for writing at the last minute, while Rone almost always delivers a smooth performance. If Caustic underprepares it could be a long night for him, but if both guys come on their shit, this does have the potential to be the best title match ever.

Main eventing Day 1 of WD6 is Iron Solomon facing off with Charlie Clips. BattleRap.com writer Jonathan Velez already did an incredible breakdown of the clash, so I won't rehash points that he made, but will just say that this is without question the battle with the most potential for variance on the whole weekend. At their best, both guys are amazing, but there have been questions, especially surrounding Clips in terms of preparation. This is a battle Clips would likely be excited for though, and he has generally performed well on KOTD, so it's reasonable to lean toward this being really good.

Pat Stay and Serius Jones were supposed to face off at "Blackout 6" but the match-up had to be canceled because of an issue with Pat's voice. Coming off what was a very strong performance at "Massacre 2" against Hollow Da Don, Pat seeks to continue his momentum in facing another battle legend. This will be the second time Serius seeks to have his second battle in KOTD, the first being a very highly regarded clash with Head I.C.E at "Blackout 5." While we won't entirely know what to expect, one thing we know what not to expect is Serius Jones' first round that he had planned to do at BO6. He spit the entire first round for us already, check it out below:

In the co-main event for Day 1, two of the best deliveries in battle rap face off as Arsonal Da Rebel battles Cortez. Cortez is coming off a strong performance against Bigg K and has a lot of momentum right now. He's a very dangerous opponent for anyone when he's on his A-game, and there is every reason to think that he will be for this event. Arsonal has already announced that this will be his final year of battling, so this could very well be the last opportunity to see him in Toronto. I'm sure he'll be looking to put on a show in what may be the last time many of these fans will see him live.

Check out the trailer that KOTD did for this battle:

Elsewhere on the card, Charron will go one-on-one with Bonnie Godiva in a match that could have title challenger ramifications. Bonnie has been vocal about wishing to become the first female to challenge for the chain, and Charron is always in the mix as a top contender.

Madflex and PNut, who have been killing it in California, will make their Toronto debuts and will be looking to show the league's home crowd their talent.

The international contingent of Quill, Unanymous, Dunn D, Tumi and Micky Worthless will be looking to represent their countries at a battle series that is becoming increasingly North American-centric.

The event goes down August 26-28 at 99 Sudbury in Toronto. Get your live pay-per-view here.

Check out the flyer below:

Predictions? Let us know in the comments below.