Organik & Pat Stay Recap KOTD's "World Domination 5"

The KOTD host and now-former champ run down the event before Knamelis, Rone and J-Pro give their judgements on the title match.

After a weekend of costumes, politicians, drama and, of course, world class battle verses,'s Chris Mitchell managed to catch Organik to talk overall impressions and highlights of the weekend.

"It’s so hard to choose. I think there were so many good moments from the second the event started to the second the event finished," Organik responded. "I think it fits in perfectly with World Domination and what every event has lived up to ... This is why we held off World Dom 5 til this year because like I said, man, I’m not about to throw an event just to throw an event. I wanna throw events that make sense, that make fans excited. I’m not trying to add to the over-saturation of this shit."

Pat Stay then turned up to take questions on the title from Chris and eventually from Rone, J-Pro and Knamelis.

Pat gave off a clear sense of relief that the title was someone else's after this weekend, and was quick to dispel rumors that he forfeited the match.

“I did exactly what I planned to do," said Pat. "I wasn’t coming to forfeit but I wanted to make my third round … I wanted to say some shit, and I felt like this is a platform where I can speak to all my people … I’ll always be the King Of The Dot champ, you’d never fucking take that from me … I’m glad Illmac got it because he’s incredible.

"King of the Dot is the only shit I rep for the rest of my life … I come up with these guys, from the get. I’ll always be with King Of The Dot over any league. Always. Loyalty over everything, man."

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