The Top 10 Interviews Of 2015

Our favorite interviews from last year, featuring conversations with Murda Mook, Dizaster, Daylyt, Cadalack Ron and more.

What makes an interview good? Having done several hundred over the last year, I'd say it mostly comes down to timing. You've got to be in the right place at the right time, then get the right person in the right mood and ask them the right questions. It doesn't always come together, but when it does, it's golden.

Last year we were lucky to have help from some great interviewers so massive shoutouts to Rone, The Deadman, Quest MCODY, Knamelis, Ollie, Cali Smoov, Impact and Jon Rines.

Here are my personal picks for the best interviews that released in 2015. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more.

Murda Mook — How I Almost Battled Drake

What a story. We're not sure if the match-up will ever happen, but one February night in Toronto, it almost did. Almost a year later there are still people who don't believe it's true despite every indication pointing to the fact that it is. This is news that we broke on several weeks before some of the mainstream hip-hop sites covered it.

Dizaster — The 6 Rappers Dizaster Wants To Battle Next

Early in 2015, Dizaster revealed his hit list for the rest of the year. Of the emcees he called out, he successfully faced Gjonaj, Dumbfoundead and Marv Won, and, by most accounts, won all three battles handily. This conversation shows how deadly Diz can be when he's focused.

Drake — "Blackout 5 Is Probably The Best Battle Card Of All Time"

We interviewed some big names in 2015, including Snoop Dogg and Hieroglyphics' A-Plus, but it doesn't get any bigger than the 6ix God himself. As Drake walked off I suggested he check out — his response: "Oh, I know the site."

Aye Verb & Loaded Lux — NOME5 Debate

This footage perfectly captures the intense debates that pop off outside events. A few different outlets caught this argument at the NOME5 PGs, but we were the only camera to follow Aye Verb and ask a few follow-up questions.

Cadalack Ron — "I Ejaculated Blood. On Multiple Occasions"

Not only is Cadalack Ron one of the most fascinating people in battle rap, he's one of the most fascinating people ... anywhere. Whether you like his controversial outlook or not, you can't deny that he's got one hell of a story. This is another interview expertly handled by Rone, who asks all the right questions and knows when to shut up and just let someone talk.

Illmaculate — Board Games & Battle Rap Ep. 1

Here's my in-depth conversation with Illmaculate in the days after he became the KOTD champion. Turns out it's tough to hold an intelligent conversation while also playing a competitive game of chess but either way, the interview is great and beautifully shot on a Canon C100.

Daylyt & Soul — World Domination 5 Behind-The-Scenes

Two guys from very different ends of the battle rap spectrum meet for the first time in a hotel during "World Domination 5" and end up having a lengthy conversation that I caught on camera. Part 3 is still coming, but please stop asking me when.

Arsonal & Fresco — Hoverboard Lessons

Another great example of how battlers interact outside of events. This one shows how weird things can get when you put a bunch of hoverboarding emcees in a hotel lobby.

Eurgh — Mid-Year Recap

Eurgh has always given great candid long-form interviews and this one that DF creative director Liam Bagnall shot at a hotel rooftop pool in Chicago is no different.

Carter Deems — Illmaculate Battle Recap

Here's Carter at his best in 2015, in high spirits after a clear win over Illmaculate in a fun and extremely well-received surprise battle at KOTD's "Back To Basics 2." It's also the inception of the match-up idea for Carter Deems vs. Head I.C.E.

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